Common Room - The common room can provide privacy for guests to enjoy as they relax and enjoy the farm. The room overlooks the pasture and opens onto a sitting porch which can be enjoyed in suitable weather. Television, DVD, games books and puzzles are provided for quests to enjoy as they use this room. WIFI is available.

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Visit the farm

Take time to relax, walk the land, visit the animals, or enjoy the vista from the cemetery.


Dining Room - Enjoy your breakfast in this 19th century farmhouse dining room. Experience for the first time, or reminisce the breakfast a farmer would enjoy as he/she has already applied three or four hours to the day's work. Breakfast menus offer a variety of country home cooked entrees with fresh milk, meat, eggs, fruit, homemade coffee cakes, sweet rolls, breads and homemade jams and spreads.

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Joseph Schantz (Johns), an eighteenth century Amish man from Switzerland settled in Johnstown in 1792. The town was originally known as "Conemaugh", but residents referred to it as "Conemaugh Old Town". The town was chartered in 1800 and the name was later changed to Johnstown. While his plans for the city were transformed from paper into city blocks, Joseph Johns, still known as Schantz, moved his family to a farm near Davidsville. The farm had remained in the John's family for six generations until 1983 when the farm was purchased by Bill and Jeanette Hunsberger, who currently own the farm with two of their sons, Nicholas and Reuben Hunsberger .